Saltcorn 0.9.0 - Help system, form processing, email flexibility

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 

Saltcorn 0.9.0 has been released with:

Help system - there is now a help system built into the saltcorn application shown to the admin in many different places. The help system is accessed by clicking a little question mark Icon. Where possible the help pages draw in context to add relevant information. For instance in many places where there is help for a formula input, the help document will show the variable names you can use in this expression based on your table fields. It also lists actions and fieldviews available to you where relevant.

There are numerous improvements to form processing. Error messages are now improved in autosave forms. For non-autosave forms, there is a new way of saving the form information which is selected as the SubmitWithAjax action. In the happy case where there are no errors this should look indistinguishable for the user. The form content is saved and the view will be directed to the selected view-when-done. But switching to submit with Ajax leads to much more graceful error reporting if a constraint is violated. The page context is conserved and the error shown as a notification.

It is now also possible to use an action inside a form to change the field contents. This is done by returning set_fields from an action. You can use this to fill in a selected template or to set calculated (but editable) values

Email actions are now more flexible. In addition to the existing option of having taking body content from a rendered view it is now possible instead use a field in the triggering row as the content. This can be used as text, HTML or MJML. The subject can also now be a formula.

Plugin testing - we've always put a lot of emphasis on the test suite that tests the core saltcorn code base. We have unit tests, integration tests and do a lot of randomized testing and end-to-end browser-based testing. We have however never had a facility to test plugin modules. In this release we have introduced a command to run a test suite in plugin modules. This test suite can either rely on standard fixtures or load its own backup file.

Many bugs have been fixed, in particular in relation to the mobile Android builds and offline sync in mobile apps. A mobile app built in Saltcorn is going into production this month, which is very exciting.

Spanish translation - an extensive improvement of the Spanish translation has been contributed by @alfonsolr09. 

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