Saltcorn 0.5.1 released

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 09 July 2021

Saltcorn 0.5.1 contains the following enhancements:

  • Plugins from private git repos – you can now specify git URLs for your plugins. For private repositories, you can specify a deploy key
  • Builder design –improvements to the design and usability of the builder.
  • Timezone – the home time zone of the application is now a setting. Future releases will improve how this is used.
  • Codemirror is now used to edit code in the settings, with the appropriate syntax highlighting 
  • In run JavaScript actions, other actions can now be invoked
  • Fields, and views have descriptions. For the moment these are for your own notes, but in the future they may be used for two tips in views. 
  • Table discovery is improved and should now work on a wider range of fields.

Many of these changes were developed by Aleksandr Sokolov. Its great to have multiple contributors to the project

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