Saltcorn 0.3.4 - settings, actions, roles

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 28 January 2021

Here are some of the changes that are part of Saltcorn 0.3.4:

Settings reorganisation: the settings menu has been reorganised, to be focused around aspects of the application and the installation, instead of the technical implementation of the settings changes. The settings menu will continue to change, but this reorganisation is a large improvement.

Check for updates: Saltcorn will now check for the latest available version of itself and any installed plug-ins. Administrators arebe notified of any available upgrades on the initial welcome screen.

Key Fieldviews: previously, the only way of choosing a value for a foreign key was using a drop-down. This was not flexible enough for many applications. Now keys are treated like other field types in that field views can be assigned and supplied by plug-ins.

More action triggers: actions can now be triggered on a weekly, daily or hourly basis or by incoming web hooks.

Custom roles: you can now create your own user roles.

Wapiti scan: the repository now contains scripts to install and run the Wapiti scanner for web application vulnerabilities. Running this did not reveal any vulnerabilities as such but it did uncover some ways to trigger errors.

In the next release we will try to include a rich text editor inside the builder.