Saltcorn 0.1.4 - nested views, container flexibility, stability

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 27 August 2020

Saltcorn 0.1.4 is mostly a bugfix release, but contains the following improvements:

  • Nested views: views can now be embedded in other views. For instance, you could embed a map view of the record inside a view that shows other fields and images. In addition, in the views that show multiple records (list and feed), the views to create new records can now be embedded rather than accessible with a link. In our example to-do list, we have used this facility to show a list of to-do items with a form for new items at the bottom.
  • Container color, expansion: containers in pages can now set their background and text colour. Some themes can choose to expand containers at the topmost level to give full with images or background colours. The Saltcorn homepage is long due for an overhaul. The current version was implemented by cheating (a plug-in provided the page) but it should now be possible to build a decent landing page with the drag-and-drop page builder
  • CSV upload robustness: a lot of bugs were fixed in relation to CSV uploading, thanks to the users who tried this out. When uploads fail they should now give a meaningful error message indicating how you can fix your CSV file.
  • UX improvements: a lot of UX improvements related to plugin installation. 
  • A lot of bugs fixed related to field creation.

New Plugins:

  • Maps with the leaflet map library. Points are shown from latitude and longitude fields in tables, and pop-ups are specified by selecting a different view of that table.
  • Rich text editors - summernote and quill editors to edit HTML fields.

For the next release, I will focus on improving the drag-and-drop page builder. After that it really is time to create more video and written tutorials.