Saltcorn 0.1.1 - CSV import and export, menu editor

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 22 July 2020

Saltcorn 0.1.1 contains the following changes:

* Export to CSV. The administrator's page for each table include an option to export the table to a CSV file.

* Import CSV into an existing table: as well as exporting an existing table to CSV, it is also possible to import a CSV file into an existing table.

* Create a new table with CSV upload: if you have a CSV file and would like to import it but have not yet created a table, you can upload the CSV file to create a new table from the headers. This is available under the main tables page.

* Menu editor: a simple menu editor allows you to create menu items based on the role of the logged in user with either pages, views or links to external sites.

* Several bugs fixed. As always, I am grateful to those who have tried out Saltcorn and found crashes in the system. A lot of bugs discovered in this way have been fixed, so if you tried Saltcorn and found it useful but a bit flaky, please try again!

* New themes are available based on the AdminLTE and bootstrap themes. The default theme is still based on SBAdmin2 but this will probably be switched over to ther tabler theme at some point.

Saltcorn is gradually reaching a stage where it is possible to build useful web applications - watch this space! I have a couple of days for larger applications I've been thinking about for a while, and will try to build them using Saltcorn. This will drive development of new features in Saltcorn over the next few development cycles.

4 days ago

You are doing a brilliant job, and I'm likely to be a good tester as I more or less lack coding experience  :)

Would it be possible to implement a choice of csv delimiters? I'm laborating with importing tables where some fields contain text strings as full sentences.

It is proably more of an issue for me due to my limited experience in regular expressions, however, when  editing/preparing files/tables, it would be alot less time consuming to use semicolon ";" as a delimiter :s. 

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