Saltcorn 0.7.3 – autosave, UX, mobile apps

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 


Saltcorn 0.7.3 is mainly a bug fix release. In particular, sending of emails was broken and this now works again, at least for simple emails. The 0.7.2 did not install on many platforms due to non-portable dependencies for resizing images. We now fall back on a slower but more portable library for resizing images if the faster dependency cannot be installed. Many other bugs were fixed and the builder should be more stable now.

The mobile builder was also improved and now is much easier to use. There is a user interface for building mobile application packs and this should work assuming that Docker is installed on the server. Some applications may still not work due to plug-ins with dependencies that can’t be installed in mobile apps. iOS Applications are still unlikely to work so only Android is supported for the moment.

Autosave, back button, breadcrumb links. Thanks to @James4Design sending user experience improvement suggestions. We now have back buttons and clickable breadcrumbs for the view configuration steps, and many forms are now autosaving so you don’t need to click a save button every time you make a change. 

There is now a field view for integers for ratings that can be shown or edited by a number of stars.

Automatic backups – you can now configure Saltcorn to automatically backup to a local directory.

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