Saltcorn 0.6.1 - Onboarding, tenant templates, typography

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 

New welcome screen – the admin’s homepage (unless they have specified a page they have built as the homepage for the admin role), which is the first screen you see when you create an account in a new instance, has been thoroughly revamped. Previously, this changed quite a lot as you built tables, views and pages. Now it is essentially the same screen, with some adaptive helper text. Reducing the confusion for people who are new to Saltcorn is a development priority, and hopefully this is a step in the right direction
Copy tenant from template – in the multitenancy settings, you can now specify that a tenant should be the template for new tenants that are created. This is the first step in facilitating the use of Saltcorn in running SaaS applications where each client team has its own tenant.

Better control of typography in the builder – you can now specify the font, Font size, weight and line height directly in the builder (Container settings, contents tab). Previously these were taken from the theme. There were also many user experience improvements and bug fixes in the builder

By popular demand, you can now adjust the widths headed to the different parts of ListShowList views. By allocating the full width to the list view, you can use this exclusively as a selector.

Code improvements – under the hood, some modules were split which will facilitate interfacing with new database backends in the future. Documentation for the development APIs will also a start appearing here:  Don’t get too excited yet, but the long-term goal of this work is to support native iOS and Android mobile application development. On a shorter timescale, some parts of the code will switch to TypeScript

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