Saltcorn 0.6.0 - Box model, flexbox layout, print to PDF

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 23 October 2021

In the drag-and-drop builder, the improvements are:

  • In the Container and card builder elements you can now specify all properties of the box model independently in any direction. You click on a diagram of the box model to select which property to edit. This means you can set margin, padding and border properties in any direction
  • In containers you can set the display model to flex mode and set all the flex properties. This is a straightforward implementation of CSS flexbox model, and you can use this to experiment with the different Flex properties
  • Wider keyboard navigation is now implemented: up, down, left, right, delete backspace. Delete and backspace select the next element as appropriate.
  • The selected element is shown with an indicator box with options selecting the parent, or duplicating or deleting the element
  • Container element can now be set to an HTML element other than div – span, section, footer etc

Other improvements are:

Actions can now receive and respond to the page state. Actions can also result in a file download. This is used in the page-to-pdf plug-in which generates PDFs from pages – so you can now use Saltcorn to generate reports! Using this requires the chromium browser to be installed. If you are on a DigitalOcean marketplace droplet, you will need to SSH in and run sudo apt install chromium-browser. An updated marketplace image with version 0.6.0 is in review

Better error messages: eval errors give a better indication of the formula that failed. Errors in rendering views are tagged with the view name.

Library, triggers and roles are now included in packs and backups.

Many bugs were fixed. Saltcorn once again installs on win32 platforms.

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