Saltcorn 0.4.3 - previews, builder flexibility

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 05 April 2021

Saltcorn 0.4.3 was released on 2 April 2021 and contains the following enhancements: 

  • Fieldview and embedded view previews in the builder: previously, much of the content in the build was shown with a generic preview: the name of the fieldview and field for field and a box with diagonal lines. We have now gone WYSIWYG With fields and views in the builder: you are shown a preview of what that content looks like. Previews are indicative, In particular when building Show views where a random row is picked for preview content.
  • There are now more options for text styles, including underlined, monospace and muted. Icons can also be inserted in Text content in the builder
  • Many more options for container styling in the builder:
    • Set a max screen width for container, So content will be hidden on wider screens. Previously it was only possible to set a minimum screen width
    • Border radius and overflow. The border radius can be used for rounded corners on containers. In combination with setting the overflow to hidden and the border radius to 50%, it can also be used for round images.
    • Border colour: previously borders could have any colour, as long as it was black. Now they really can have any colour.
    • Container URL: set a URL to link to if a container is clicked. 
    • Gradient backgrounds can now be specified from two colours and a direction.
    • Expand to fullscreen width. Previously, there was no good way of specifying that a container should be expanded to fullscreen width, for instance as a background colour or background image. This can now be specified with an option.
  • Shadows on cards are now optional, and breakpoints on columns can be set for each individual column.
  • A range of new commandline interface commands:
    • info, show information about the installation (paths, configuration, versions, database driver)
    • create-tenant to create a new tenant
    • install-pack to install a pack from the store or from a JSON file
    • Install-plugin to install a plugin from a local directory or from the store
    • Set and get configuration values
    • Scheduler, run the scheduler which fires periodic events In a standalone process. The scheduler can also be disabled from the serve command
  • The links to create a new role in the list and feed view templates can now be located above ( as well as above) the main content, and aligned to the right as well as to the left.
  • There are now some settings for multitenant installations: set a minimum role to create tenants, and disable the warning on tenant creation shown on
  • Many bug fixes, mostly related to showing appropriate errors on envelop user actions. There was also a bug that sometimes prevented configuration changes from being saved.

Future versions will continue to focus on increasing usability and stability. Will we finally get two factor authentication in the next release?


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Hey thanks so much for all these updates and hard work your putting in.
Is there anyway for us to change the login view to the default view?
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Please help. 

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Thanks for this wonderfully promising and already very useful app!