Saltcorn 0.4.1: email verification, entity relationship diagram

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 04 March 2021

Saltcorn 0.4.1 has been released, with the following improvements:

  • Email addresses provided by users on signup can now be validated by sending an email with a verification link. To do this, create a view of the users table of the show view template. Include in this view the field verification_link. Then, under user settings (Settings menu -> Users and security -> Settings), select this new view as the verification view and click save. After this, any new users signing up will now receive the email with a verification link. In the list of uses, you can see which uses have been verified.
  • Elevate verify uses to role: if you'd like some content or aspect of the application to be accessible only to users who have verified their email address, you can now choose to elevate verified users to a higher role (also under user settings).
  • Email mask: except only use the signups from specified domains (for instance your company domain, for applications accessible only to employees)
  • Entity Relationship Diagram: Saltcorn will now draw a diagram of the relations between your tables.
  • Read only field views in Edit: forms can now use field views that only show and do not allow edit of the field. This is useful if you only want the user to be able to edit some of the fields, and you want to show the values that are not editable.
  • Many small bug fixes and usability improvements

This release also marks a turning point in Saltcorn development. I decided not to include workflows in Saltcorn 1.0, for the following reasons:

  • Good open source or source available workflow editors are already present in node-red and n8n
  • Some of the use cases for workflows can be addressed instead with simple tweaks to the current design.
  • The case for nocode is less strong for algorithms and processes than for user interface and database structure development. It is still not clear what the best design is in this space

This means that all major features for Saltcorn 1.0 are now in place, but not polished. Currently support a very large scope of application development, and I would rather polish and perfect features that we currently have rather than piling half baked features on top of one another. This means that the development until 1.0 now switches to focus on refinement, including:

  • Usability: making it as simple as possible to build with Saltcorn and to improve the experience for the end user. 
  • Security: I would like to include a penetration test suite to improve the confidence insecurity and prevent security holes from sneaking in during development.
  • Scalability: very little work has been done on performance to date. We will improve the number of users who can be served per server, facilitate the ability to use more than one application server, and decrease the latency perceived by uses, which will improve user experience and SEO performance
  • Small features: we will continue to add small features (around one day development work each) - two factor authentication is still on the roadmap, improving the design and user flow flexibility is still a priority. The files system needs an overhaul.
  • Documentation: we need much better documentation and video tutorials.

John S
6 months ago

This is awesome!  So happy I discovered Saltcorn!   I've been looking for an open-source no-code RAD type environment that I could host myself.  Unfortunately most of them are horrible.  But Saltcorn looks great (with the right theme) and works perfectly!   Thanks so much :-)

6 months ago


5 months ago

I DO agree!

Looking forwar to 2FA, would love (in preffered order)

1. TOTP. 2 YubiKey (OTP using YubiCloud) 3. U2F.

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