Saltcorn 0.0.8 released!

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 13 June 2020

I'm pleased to announce the release of Saltcorn 0.0.8. This version has been released to the NPM package repository.

Saltcorn is an open source nocode application builder that allows you to build and host database backed applications. It is designed to be extensible so that new datatypes view templates can be added as plugins.

Highlights of version 0.0.8 include:

* Files. You can now upload files and files can be a field in a table. If a file is an image, it can be used in a view based on the show view templates and will be displayed as an image. There is a new plug-in mechanism for declaring `fileviews` that control how files will be shown to a user in views. If you upload a file called favicon.png it will be used as the favicon for the site.

* Security. I ran a Saltcorn application through the [OWASP Zed Attack Proxy]( and fixed every reported vulnerability. Many of these were cross site scripting and cross site request forgery vulnerabilities.

* Builder UX. much improved user experience in the builder used to create show views, based on [Craft.js](

* Bugs fixed. Thank you to the many people who have tried to use Saltcorn to build applications hosted on I know that many of you saw bugs and application crashes. I have set up a facility to record these errors and have fixed all of the ones I have seen so far, except for a few issues with the project management Kanban board.The next version will focus on these area:

* Page builder. There will be a facility for adding pages to the application, which can serve as front pages or landing pages, or put a bit more context around views. Pages will be built with drag-and-drop similar to

Edit views will be built with the same drag-and-drop builder as the show builder to give much more flexibility to the form layout.

If you like Saltcorn, please support organisations that campaign for social and environmental justice, including:

* [Equal Justice Initiative](!/donation/checkout)

* [Decolonise the curriculum](

* [Oxfam](

* [Tree Sisters](

Yogi Bera
8 months ago

It ain't over till it's over

4 months ago

This is excellent. Trying it out on Digital Ocean. Thanks for this project

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