Saltcorn 0.2.1: internationalisation, backups, grid editing, password reset

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 29 September 2020

Saltcorn 0.2.1 contains the following enhancements:

  • Internationalisation: a framework for internationalising the text shown to users and the administrator, picking a language based on the browsers language preferences, which can be overridden by a language preference setting in the user settings
  • Translations: manually verified translations to Russian (by Aleksandr Sokolov), Arabic (ArNocode), Portuguese (Igor KB) and Danish. Machine translations to German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian. If you speak any of these languages, or for that matter any other language, and are able to validate and fix the translations, please see the Wiki page on translations.
  • New backup format: the old backup format used CSV to store table data, which turned out to be associated with some problems in data conversion and was not fully accurate. We have switched to a JSON-based format which preserves all the table data. Old backups can still be restored, but backups made on a Saltcorn 0.2.1 system will not be restorable on a system running an earlier version
  • Grid edit: the administrators table edit facility is now much more interactive, based on a grid editing library, jsGrid.
  • Password reset with email: an installation can now be configured to send email by specifying an SMTP server, which can be used by users requesting password reset emails
  • Uninstall packs: it is now possible to uninstall packs. This is great if you are trying out different applications.
  • UX and Bugfixes: many bug fixes and UX improvements, often consisting in preventing users from taking actions that can lead to inconsistency.

The next development cycle will focus on some of these features: pop-ups, calculated fields and user fields.