Saltcorn 0.9.3 - Page groups, daily trigger time and card footers

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 

Saltcorn 0.9.3 is mainly a bugfix and consistency release, but contains the following new features:

Page groups – Page groups can be used to show fundamentally different content to users based on the language or device. You assign multiple pages to page group and specify when each page is eligible. When the user visits a page group, the right page is dispatched. Each page in Saltcorn is still responsive and we retain the same facilities for creating content of scales across different device widths, as we have done from the beginning. The new facility for page groups is when you want to have fundamentally different content.

Daily triggers time of day – you can now specify the time of day at which daily triggers should run. 

List row click – the entire row of a list you can now be specified to be clickable with a destination URL. 

Tristate upgrade – the tristate field view for Booleans, which allows a user to input true, false and null (missing or unknown) values, has a visual upgrade and you can now specify the labels for those three states.

Card footer – there is a switch to add a footer to a card to which any content can be added. This is often used for buttons.

Relation picker – The relation picker in the builder saw much work. It is now faster and more complete with some missing relations added. 

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