Saltcorn 0.8.6 - Relation picker, mobile splash and camera capture

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 

Saltcorn 0.8.6 has been released. It contains numerous bug fixes and small usability improvements, as well as some larger features:

Inbound relation picker - It is now possible to embed views using more complicated relationships. For instance, in a social network scenario where users can follow other users, you can now create a feed view where you see a chronological list of posts from the users you follow. In a similar case where you have a blog where users select the topics in which they are interested, you can now create a (chronological, by publication date) feed of blog posts that belong to any of the users chosen topics.

Mobile splash - You can now choose the splash page for mobile applications. This should be a public page with no dynamic features, and it will be pre-rendered at the build time.

Mobile capture - To take pictures directly from your phone's camera in edit forms choose the capture field view for file Fields. This makes it much easier for users to directly input images. This works both in web applications on mobile devices, and in mobile app.s

Field defaults - You can now set a default for all required Fields. Previously this was only possible when adding a required field to a table with existing data.

Roles 1-100 - The user roles have been mapped from one to 100 instead of one to 10. One company runs a very large Saltcorn application and ran out of suitable user roles, so we remapped the roles.

Switch bool fieldview - There is now a toggle switch field view for boolean fields. In many circumstances the toggle switch gives a better user experience than checkboxes.

Preview CSV upload - There is now a preview when uploading CSV files. This means that you can see what the imported data looks like and cancel if there are mistakes.

The plans for the next few release cycles are:

0.8.7 – A few more important features: predictive analytics models, 
Table component, columns settings, PageLoad event (which will enable analytics using the event log)

0.9.x – No entirely new features, instead a focus on refinement and reliability:
•    Testing
•    User experience
•    Small changes
•    Consistency
•    Documentation

1.0.x – a stable branch. 

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