Saltcorn 0.7.2 - Auto backup, edit in edit, responsive images

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 

Saltcorn 0.7.2 has been released and contains the following improvements:

Automatic backup: the application, including data, can now be backed up periodically. Backups can either be stored in the Saltcorn files, or can be sent to a local directory. If you would like a different destination type (e.g. SFTP) to be supported, please get in touch so we know what there is a need for.

Edit in edit: in edit views, you can now embed edit views for tables with a join field onto the table being edited. This is a very common pattern in user interfaces. For instance, if you are editing an order, then you will probably want to edit order items belonging to this order. Edit in edit gives you a dynamic list in which you can add any number of items with a subform.

Responsive images: when adding an image to a page or a view you can now specify a list of widths to which this image should be resized for display on small screen devices. This helps load the page much faster on mobile devices. Our standard landing page test now scores 98/100 on the Google Lighthouse mobile speed check. This will also help landing pages rank highly on Google search results.

Filters: there is now a range filter for integers so you can restrict your search for an integer value between an upper and lower bound. There is also a join field search filter which allows you to search for strings that appear in joined fields

Formula validation: in most places where formulae are entered, there is now a better validation to display syntax errors as you enter the formula.

Mobile update: there’s been extensive work on the mobile application builder, and most things now work on Android. We are now focusing on making it easier to build applications.

Unfortunately, the docker images did not build for the 0.7.2 release due to a dependency that cannot be installed, which means that you will have to wait for the next beta release for updated docker images.

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