Saltcorn 0.5.5 - fixing oopsies

By Tom Nielsen
Published on 20 September 2021

Saltcorn 0.5.5 is a bugfix release. No new features were developed for this release. Some long-standing bugs, as well as new ones that emerged, were however fixed:

Restore from backups was broken when the release process for 0.5.4 upgraded one of the dependencies. This was caught by continuous integration tests, and fixed in a rapid beta release.

Fixed a bug in the start-up code that may have prevented some configurations with a particular combination of ports and SSL certificate from launching. 

Sometimes, when pressing the back button the page lost all its CSS and theme styling, i.e no menu, Times New Roman on a white background. I thought this was an intermittent problem, which made it very difficult to debug, but I finally found out how to replicate it. This was caused by the browser using cached page fragments as the full page. These fragments are now served with non-caching headers, fixing the issue.

A very old bug dating back to the first releases: when pressing the up/down buttons in the list view configuration, the settings for that segment were lost and you would have to re-enter all the inputs. This is now fixed.

Fixed the output of HTML tags in captured console output in action test runs

Some additional minor bugs that caused crashes with uninformative error messages for people on, mostly when a view configuration refer to review or table that no longer exists because the admin has deleted or renamed it. Some of these are fixed by no longer crashing, or by crashing with an informative error message indicating how to fix the problem.

Although this does not change the released core packages, a new installation method is available through the separately released saltcorn-install package. This allows you to install Saltcorn on Ubuntu 18.04 - 21.04 abd Debian 9-11 systems by running npx saltcorn-install. The wiki and readme documentation has been updated

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