Saltcorn 0.4.2 - bugfixes, usability

By Tom Nielsen

Published on 15 March 2021

Saltcorn 0.4.2 focuses on usability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Small usability improvements, such as shading the row being covered in tables to help you match up buttons with the items they act on
  • Favicon (This is the little icon that appears in your browser tap) is now selectable through the site identity settings. Previously, this was set with a poorly documented naming convention.
  • Plug-ins can now serve static content. Previously, plug-ins had to rely on content delivery networks to serve their static content, such as JavaScript and CSS files. The advantage of CDNs is increasingly reduced because modern browsers are partitioning the cache to prevent it from being used for tracking. We have also seen a lot of variability in CDN latency.
  • Site maps (which are scanned by search engines) now contain any pages and views that are in your public menu.
  • Numerous bugs fixes